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AF284 Hoover Vacuum Bags

AF284 Hoover Vacuum Bags
Product Code: AF284
Availability: In Stock
Price: AU$10.00
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Suits Hoover Models: TURBO U1100-1102, U1218, U1220 U1222

U1264, U1290, U1294, U1412, U1414
U2194/96/98, U1318, U2740, U2742, U1432
2300 SERIES, 5094-5096,
U4593 BREEZE, DUET, U4266
TURBO LARK U1264, U1318,
TURBO POWER U2814, U2880
TURBO LITE U4617, U4593, U2662,
U2716, U2194-U2198, U2332-U2336,
U2408, U2446, U2448, U2452, U2560-U2562,
U2602, U2604, U2662, U2716
TURBOMASTER U4362, U4527, U4529,

U5078-U5080, U5094-U5096, U5120, 22E

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