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AF379 LG Vacuum Bags

AF379 LG Vacuum Bags
Product Code: AF379
Availability: In Stock
Price: AU$12.50
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Suits LG Models

V2700-2900, V3100-3300, V3310, V3500, V3700, V4200, V2600, 663STQ, 663ND, 4560HTV, V3900RTV, VC3460ND, VCA663STQ, V-CP663ND, V-C3460NT, VC3H60NT, VCP953ND, VC4570STQ, V-C4560HTV, VCC383HTV, VCQ, VCQ263ST VCB574HTV, VC953ND, EXTRON, PUNCH, EXTRON V3900, V3900D, V3900T, V3900DV, V3900TV,V3900RD, V3900RT, V3900RTV, V3910D, V3910DV,V3910TV, VC3860, PASSION 3500, 3544, 3800, 4000,T2700 Series T2700, T2900 Series T2900,Turbo 2700, 2900, 3100, 3100b, 3200, 3300, 3300r,3400, 4400, V-Super PJG, V3300, V3300D, V3300L,V3300T, V3310, V3310D, V3314, V3314T, V3340,V3340D, V3500, V3900, VC3440, VC3460, V3500HD,V3500HT, V3510, VC3460NTG, VC3850,VC3860, VC3960, VC4570, VCA683, VCP243, VCP443NB,VCP653NT, VCP663, VCP663STQ, VCP733, VCP743,VCP752, VCP753, VCP963, VTCP663ST,V Super PJG,TB33, TB34, TB39,FRESIA,FCP243NBB,FCP243WBB,VCB584STQ, VCB574STSVCC383HTU, VCP742, VCP732, VCP 643,V3910D, V3900D, V3900RD, V3900TB, V3900RTV,V3910D, V3947D, SHARK

Pack of 5

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