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About Us

Our Business

Superior Cleaning Supplies is a family owned and run business. 

Superior Cleaning Supplies is not only committed to supplying an extensive range of superior cleaning products and services that cater to professional, commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning requirements but also has a unique distribution and stock replacement service that enables direct deliveries to businesses and homes throughout Melbourne.

Superior Cleaning Supplies deliver wholesale cleaning products door to door for homes, and for small and large businesses. We are looking to cut the high cost and hassle of getting cleaning supplies from the supermarket and alternative suppliers.

The client base is rapidly growing and is expected to continue to grow according to demand for this unique stock control and delivery system. This means Superior Cleaning Supplies already have a diverse set of client requirements coupled to timely delivery services based on the monitoring of client requirements.

The success of the business will be based primarily on customer relations being top priority with ongoing checks to ensure any issues or problems that arise are quickly solved. This fundamental commitment by Superior Cleaning Supplies ensures high client loyalty and, in turn, continually focuses attention on ensuring: