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AF463 LG Vacuum Bags

AF463 LG Vacuum Bags
Product Code: AF463
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Price: AU$10.00
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Suits the following models,

4000 SERIES, 5166CCT, 4360CTV, 4350, 4060CTV T4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 8100, VCA404, 500, 504, TB6, TB40 VCA484 CTQ, VCA707HEQ, VCA484/ST/STQ, VCA494/ST, VCA504/C2Q, VC4360T, V7680HT, V-4000 - V4060CT, V-4300CT – V-4350CT, VCB574HTV V4350, V4400, V4500, V4000, V4400 – V4500, V-5000CT – V5166CT, V-6000 – V6377CTV, V4060 - V5000, 5060, 6353, 6354, VCB574 HTV LIMPIO 4400, 4500, TURBO, 5000, 6000 SERIES, TB43, TBA4, T5000-6000, TURBO, LIMPTO, SHARK, VOLK

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