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Command Laundry Powder 2Kg

Command Laundry Powder 2Kg
Brand: Hammersley
Product Code: CLP2KG
Availability: In Stock
Price: AU$17.95
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Ideal for grey water systems. A fresh fragrant laundry powder for the efficient laundering of all fabrics in hot or cold water. Ideal for front and top loading machines. Features more cleaning power, more grease cutting power, more thorough rinsing, and a better brighter wash than conventional powders. Better hard water tolerance. At recommended maximum dosage - Phosphorus (P) = 3gm/L and Sodium (Na) = 11.5gm/L. Economical - use only 40 - 50 grams per full load for top loaders, and 25 - 30 grams per full load for front loaders.

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